Man's Best Friend Isn't a Dog?!

I thought I was a dog person but things changed after Frisko. A man’s best friend became something that “Meowed” instead of “Woofed”.  The furry little guy sat comfortably on my shoulders most of the drive back home. The decision was put into my head by my “other half” as she knew a cat would fit my home perfectly fine (of course after my parents had a fit).


Its 3 years since and my dad comes home saying “Frisk, frisk, frisko bal-la!” bal-la the Sinhala word for dog as he still believes Frisko is a dog trapped in a cats body. My mom, well she’s the one who usually puts Frisko to bed at night as she makes sure he has enough food for the morning. My older brother, well let’s just say I never seen a grown man cuddle with a cat so lovingly especially him. Last, my younger sister is what keeps Frisko active as he chases her around the house trying to catch her foot.


It’s amazing what a furry pawed creature can do to a home (minus the weird meowing noises, door scratches and carpet shreds). I can tell any dog owner confidently that there’s a new “man’s best friend” in town.

  • June 04, 2014
  • The Groupets Team