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Groupets Flight Cage FL01

520.00 480.00

The cage is made from Iron-Wrought Steel, and it comes with beautiful baked  non toxic powder coating, which will not come off easily, and is guaranteed safe for bird. - Overall Dimensions (including seed catcher): 36.5"L X 25"W X 62"H - Cage Dimensions: 32"L X 21"W X 36"H- Bar Spacing: 11mm (0.43'') - Colour: Charcoal Grey   The item Includes:- 2 feeder doors- slide-out tray- 2 plastic feeding cups- 2 straight pine perches- surrounding seed catchers- front door w/steel locking latch- 4 easy-gliding casters, slide-out grate   The cage is perfect for birds such as Finches, Budgies, Canaries, lovebirds, conures, cockatiels, ringneck, parakeets, parrolets.   SPECIFICATION [Colour] Charcoal Grey [Overall Dimensions] 36.5"L X 25"W X 62"H [Cage Dimensions] 32"L X 21"W X 36"H [Bar Spacing] 11mm (0.43")


Groupets Flight Cage FL03

720.00 680.00

Introducing our Double Stacked Flight Cage, expertly crafted to provide a spacious and secure home for your feathered friends. Constructed from durable wrought iron and coated with a sturdy non-toxic powder coating, this cage ensures both safety and easy maintenance. Equipped with four plastic feeders featuring internal dividers and attached standing perches, feeding time becomes effortless for your birds. Additionally,...


Groupets 60" Multi-Functional Flight Cage with Wheels, Removable Tray and Storage Shelf

400.00 350.00

Experience the ultimate in avian accommodations with our Spacious Bird House Flight Cage. Boasting ample room for your feathered friend to stretch their wings, this cage provides the perfect canvas for you to customize with your personal touch. Featuring a 0.5" (1.3 cm) bar spacing, it ensures the safety and security of finches, canaries, budgies, lovebirds, cockatiels, and more. Enjoy...