This parrot carrier is constructed with powder coated metal frame which is rust resistant sturdy and lighter than other travel cage. Roomy space inside keeps your bird content and secure. 2 Stainless steel swing cup doors allow you to fill food and water easily. Bottom includes one slide-out pan tray for convenient cleaning. Bird proof door lock prevents your feathered friends from escaping. Ideal as a sleeping cage for use in an RV for short-term travel or boarding outdoor use for healthy sunlight exposure and more!


  • Sturdy metal frame construction rust free and lighter than other travel cages
  • All material is non-toxic and safe for your loving feathered friends
  • Solid cup doors for easily filling food and preventing spilling
  • Slide-out grill & tray with swivel safety lock for easy cleaning
  • Bird proof door lock prevents your small medium or large sized bird from escaping
  • Wood perch inside for your pet to stand and rest
  • Top with carrying handle for easy transport
  • Ideal for short term use traveling or emergency situations


  • Material: Metal Fir Wood Stainless Steel
  • Colour: Textured Black
  • Overall Dimension: 18.1"Lx14.2"Wx22"H
  • Net Weight: 13.9lbs
  • Large Door Size: 13.2"Lx13.2"H
  • Small Door Size: 6.3"Lx4.7"W
  • Cup Door Size: 4.8"Lx3"W
  • Cup Size: φ4.1"x2.2"H
  • Wood Perch Size: φ0.6"x14.3"L


  • DURABLE BUILT: Sturdy metal frame is sturdy and lighter than other travel cages. No more chipping paint and rust
  • 2 CUP DOORS: Includes 2 swing out feeder doors & cups for easy food and water filling. Solid cup doors prevent spilling while lock-in-place cups won't dislodged by birds
  • WOOD PERCH: Cage inside includes one solid wooden perch for parrot the stand and rest
  • SLIDE-OUT TRAY: Removable tray is held in place by a wind-bell grille lock so it won't slide out during travel while pulls out easily for convenient cleaning
  • ENHANCED SAFETY: Includes 1 big door with lockable latch prevents your birds from escaping. Ideal for short term use traveling or emergency situation. Top handle for added convenience


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