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Groupets Play-Top Bird Cage PL04 (Medium) 32"X23"

Groupets Play-Top Bird Cage PL04 (Medium) 32"X23"

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Introducing our premium Play Top Parrot Cage, crafted with the utmost care to ensure the safety and comfort of your feathered companion. Coated with a sturdy, non-toxic powder coating, this cage guarantees a secure environment for your bird while making cleaning a breeze.

Featuring three convenient open-up side doors, feeding time becomes effortless. Equipped with a total of five stainless steel feeding bowls—three inside the cage and two on the play top—your parrot will always have access to nourishment.

Providing both comfort and stimulation, our cage includes two wooden perches—one inside and one on the play top—allowing your bird to rest and play comfortably. Cleaning up is hassle-free with two slide-out metal trays and one metal grate.

Designed with breeding in mind, an extra side door is included for easy access. Say goodbye to scattered seeds with the surrounding seed catcher, which keeps mess to a minimum and your floor clean.

Mobility is key, which is why our cage is equipped with four plastic easy-gliding casters for effortless movement. Suitable for small to medium parrots such as cockatiels, conures, and African greys, our Play Top Parrot Cage offers the perfect blend of safety, convenience, and comfort for your avian companion.

Product Dimensions

- Over Dimensions (including seed catcher): 36.5"L X 27.5"W X 71"H

- Cage Dimensions (interior): 32"L X 23"W X 36"H

- Bar Spacing: 15 mm (5/8")

- Bar Thickness: 4 mm 

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