Small Bird Cage (Blue/White)-BS06
$40.00 CAD
[Colour] White
[Overall Dimensions] 20"L X 15"W X26"H
[Cage Dimensions] 20"L X 15"W X26"H
[Bar Spacing] 10mm (0.39'')


Sturdy dome top bird cage for small size bird. The cage is made of wrought iron, and it comes with white baked, non-toxic coating, which will not come off easily, and is guaranteed safe for birds.

Cage Dimensions: 20"L X 15"W X26"H
Bar Spacing: 10mm (0.39'')
Colour: White

The item Includes:
- 2 wooden perches
- 2 plastic feeding cups
- bottom grate
- slide-out bottom tray

The cage is perfect for birds such as Lovebird, Parrolet, Parakeet, Budgie, Canary, and Finch.