PawHut Hamster Cage

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The natural wood Pawhut cage is a fully furnished hamster home. With the modern design and high quality fir wood, it is a perfect home for hamsters to play and exercise. Hamsters may look like to sleep the whole day, however, they actually do love to explore and climb. This extra tall, large wooden hamster cage acts as a great climb frame. The first and second tires are connected as a large exercise area with some small levels and ladders for exploring and climbing. Also, the top can be opened for easier access to extract. Purchase a cozy home for your little furry friends in Pawhut!

• Constructed with high quality fir wood
• Perfect home and exercise area for hamsters
• With 3 tiers, the first and second tiers are connected as a large play area
• 5 small levels and ladders are available for exploring and climbing
• The top can be opened for easier access
• Four legs are long enough to protect the wooden cage from damp and wet condition

• Material: Fir
• Colour: Natural wood
• Overall Dimension: 23.6"L×15.7"W×31.5"H
• Hamster Cage Size: 23.6"L×15.7"W×15.7"H
• Bottom Door Size: 23.6"L×6.3"H
• Base Size: 23.6"L×15.7"W×15.7"H
• Base to Floor Height: 7.9"
• Net Weight: 17.6lbs