Pawhut Blue Deluxe Chicken Coop


Give your backyard chicken spacious space to run, play with this chicken cage.

Constructed with high quality solid fir wood, this cage provides large run space for

chicken or other poultry to play and run. Besides, the nesting box is the perfect place

for chicken to lay eggs and easier for owners to extract eggs out. The study wood

construction offers durability while the solid wood can protect against environmental

damage. Click and buy one cage in Pawhut!



• Solid wood construction protect the cage from environmental damage

• Large box is available for chicken or other poultry to play • With ramp for chicken to get in and out

• Waterproof and environmental oil paint

• Nesting box is perfect to extract eggs out

• Easily assembly required Specifications:

• Material: Fir

• Colour: Blue, white

• Net Weight: 85.8lbs

• Overall Dimension: 78.0"L×54.7"W×46.9"H

• Main Door Size: 12.6"L×16.5"H

• Window Size: 8.7"L×8.7"H

• Drawer Size: 26.4"L×34.3"W

• Nesting Box Size: 22.8"L×14.6"W×16.1"H

• Front Running Door Size: 15.4"L×24.4"

• Side Running Door Size: 21.6"L×24.4"H

• Fence Size: 35.0"L×15.9"W×9.8"H

• Ramp Size: 8.9"L×7.9W