PawHut 78.7"Large Bird Cage Aviary

This PawHut Bird cage is a great home for your Pet. It gives a great space for your pet to fly around and stretch and will not make them feel enclosed in tight. This is a great place for larger birds to freely move and exercise. Made from pine wood and designed in a hexagon shape, the cage is large and comfortable for the birds. There are two doors on one of the sides, one larger and one lower towards the bottom, these are big enough for birds to come in and out. There are also two plates which can be slid out for easy cleaning for the bottom of the cage. The cage has a lightweight design which is convenient if you needed for it to be moved around.

• Made form pine wood
• Hexagon shape design
• Eco-friendly waterproof paint
• Suitable for many kinds of birds
• Front with 2 doors which are easy to open
• Large enough for moving around for birds to fly around
• Effortless portability because of lightweight manufacturing
• 2 trays can be taken out for easy cleaning
• Requires assembly

• Material: pine wood
• Colour: Natural wood
• Net Weight:53.9lbs
• Overall Dimension: 38.6"L x 38.6"W x76.8"H
• Single Piece Size: 40.9"H x 14.6"W
• Big Door Size: 11.4"W x 25"H
• Small Door Size: 11.4"W x 9.6"H
• Tray Size: 27.95"L x11.4"W
• Bottom Frame Height: 10.6"
• Feet Height: 13.4"