Large Open-Top Parrot Cage- Model A23

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If you have a large bird (African Grey, Amazon, Cockatoo, Mini Macaw) this cage will do you wonders! This cage features an open top so your parrot can feel free and get some exercise. Remember a cages is only a comfortable space for your parrot to feel secure and relaxed. Let your bird outside the cage and enjoy some freedom.
  •  Specifications:
    • Overall dimension: 44"W X 32"D X 68"H
    • Cage dimension: 35 1/2"W X 23 1/2"D X 55"H
    • Bar spacing: 1"
  • Features:
    • Good for large birds such as African Grey, Amazon, Cockatoo, Mini Macaw
    • Heavy duty powder coated with non-toxic paint
    • Large opening door and Small balcony door on top of front door
    • Convertible top for more exercise room
    • 2 wood perches
    • 3 inside feeding cups (each with individual door)
    • Rubber caster wheels for easy moving around, friendly to hardwood floor
    • Seed catcher for additional cleanliness (Seed catcher is not included in cage dimensions; add 4" to each side of the cage)
    • Easy to assemble, instructions included