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Groupets Play-Top Bird Cage PL01 (Small)

Groupets Play-Top Bird Cage PL01 (Small)

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Play-top style parrot cage with toy hanger for sale. The cage is made from Iron-Wrought Steel, and it comes with beautiful baked non-toxic powder coating, which will not come off easily, and is Guaranteed safe for all birds.

A cage is an investment for your bird. It's your pets comfort zone and place where it spends most of its time inside, outside and around. Our prices are very low and we offer free shipping. Take the time to find the right cage for your pet bird and feel great about your investment.  

 The item Includes:
- 2 feeder doors
- slide-out trays at both top and bottom
- play top with toy hanging hook
- 4 stainless steel dishes
- 2 straight wooden perches
- surrounding seed catchers
- front door w/steel locking latch
- 4 easy-gliding casters, slide-out grate


Overall Dimensions (with seed catcher): 28"L X 28"W X 60"H

Cage Dimensions: 20"L X 20"W X 26"H

Bar Spacing: 0.55" (14mm)

Colour: Charcoal Grey


The cage is perfect for birds such as lovebirds, conures, cockatiels, ringneck, parakeets, parrolets, caiques, etc.

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