$70.00 CAD

Stack-able breeding cages for small size bird. Perfect for finches and canaries! This breeding cage is made from wrought iron and it comes with a beautiful baked non toxic coating. Guaranteed safe for bird.  

Cage Dimensions: 30"L X 10.5"W X 13"H 
Bar Spacing: less than 1/2" (10mm) 
Colour: white 

The item Includes for each cage: 
- 4 plastic feeding cups 
- slide-out metal trays 
- slide-out dividing grates 
- slide-out plastic boards 
- 4 extra side feeder doors 
- 4 straight wooden perches 

The cage is perfect for tiny birds such as finch, canary and other small birds.

**The price displayed is for ONLY 1 cage. These cages are stack-able.