Groupets Breeding Cage BR01

Double Stack Breeding Cages for small-medium size bird. The cage is made from Iron-Wrought Steel, and it comes with beautiful baked non toxic powder coating, which will not come off easily, and is guaranteed safe for bird.

- Overall Dimensions: 42"L X 20"W X 61"H
- Cage Dimensions: 40"L X 20"W X 16"H
- Bar Spacing: 1/2'' (11mm)
- Colour: Charcoal Grey

The item Includes:
- 8 stainless steel feeding cups
- 4 slide-out trays
- 2 dividing grate
- 4 extra feeder doors
- 4 straight wooden perches
- 4 easy-gliding casters, slide-out grate

The cage is perfect for birds such as lovebirds, parakeets, parrotlets, canaries, caiques, pionus, conures, quakers, cockatiels, tiny birds such as finches and other small birds.



[Colour] Charcoal Grey
[Overall Dimensions] 42"L X 20"W X 61"H
[Cage Dimensions] 40"L X 20"W X 16"H
[Bar Spacing] 1/2"(11mm)

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