61.4” Parrot Bird Cage


This large Bird Cage is a perfect solution to keep your large birds. Weather it is a parrot, canary or any other bird, this cage gives a home for them to be comfortable and with all conveniences for feeding and drinking. It comes with 4 stainless steel bowls and 2 timber perches for your bird to rest on. It also has wheels so it can be moved around making it convenient for you and your pet.


● With 4 stainless bowls for containing water and food
● High-edge trays help contain and eliminate potential messy situations
● Made of durable metal and solid fir wood in sturdy and stable build
● 2 wooden perches for bird relaxation
● Wheeled base with brake for easy transportation
● Included ladders for your birds to play
● Three doors with locks for easy feeding, entering and cleaning
● Space saving


● Material: Metal, Fir wood
● Main Colour: White
● Net Weight: 37.5lbs
● Overall Dimension: 25.4”L x 25.4”W x 61.4”H
● Cage Body Dimension: 17.9”L x 17.9”W x 61.4”H
● Front Door Size: 9.8”W x 19.7”H
● Side Door Size: 5.6”W x 4.3”H
● Storage Rack Dimension: 17.9”L x 17.9”W x 6.7”H
● Bowl Size: 3.9”
● Wheel Size: Φ2”
●Wire Spacing: 0.55"