This Chicken Coop can accommodate many animals such as rabbits and ducks, in addition to chickens. It features a nesting box fit for 3, and a backyard run so that your animals can be outdoors and kept safe. The nesting box roof easily lifts for easy access to your animals and allows for an easy clean-up.
Great starter chicken coop!




·Coop can be used for many kinds of small animals (rabbits, ducks, chickens etc.)

·Heavy duty galvanized wire helps to keep animals in and predators out

·Nesting box roof can lift for easy access to animals

·Slide-out metal droppings tray

·Holds 2-4 chickens (dependent on size and breed)






Natural Wood

Overall Dimensions

66"L x 43.5"W x 40"H

Nesting Box Dimensions

18"L x 14"W x 16"H

Nesting Box Dimensions

20"L x 11"W x 14"H

Gross weight

66 lbs.



Item No.


Item Name

5.5' Wooden Chicken Coop

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