PawHut Wood Chicken Coop Poultry Hen House w/ nesting box Backyard

563.99 419.99

Give your chickens a spacious place to call home with this coop. Constructed with high quality and solid pine wood this chicken coop offers long lasting durability. Two nesting boxes are available for chickens to lay eggs and easier for owners to extract eggs out. The slide-out tray allows for easier cleaning access for owners. Suitable for 4 to 6...


PawHut Wood Chicken Coop Hutch w/ Roof Top Run Backyard

719.99 467.99

Raise farm-fresh eggs—and herbs and vegetables to enjoy with them – in this space-efficient coop-run-and-planter combination. An inside and fenced outside area gives your chickens the ability to be choose where they want to be while having the opportunity to stretch their legs and wings. A metal pull out drawer is designed for easy cleaning and the nesting box is...


PawHut Wooden Rabbit Hutch Small Animal House Pet Bunny Cage w/ Run & Tray

143.99 107.99

This outdoor cat shelter and rabbit hideaway house from PawHut is the perfect retreat for your furry friend. This rabbit playpen house is made from fully treated and grooved fir wood designed as a living room for sleeping and playing. The front door opens into a ramp that allows your pets to climb up into the elevated dog house or...


PawHut Small Animal Pet Cage Rolling with Essentials

155.99 107.99

Our pet cage by PawHut is the perfect home for small animals like rabbits and guinea pigs. It features a tubular stand with wheels making it convenient to move from room to room and also provides a bit more height for your pet’s viewing. The durable design features large doors for easy access to your pet. A 5.5" deep base...


PawHut Wooden 2 Story Rabbit Hutch with Outdoor Run Open Roof

299.99 287.99

Give your furry friends an ideal mix of freedom and security with a Pawhut 2 Story Wooden Outdoor Rabbit Hutch with Run. They’ll experience the best of both worlds in a home where they feel safe and have plenty of space to sprint around in. This two-story hutch features all-weather resistant material and construction. The upper area is designed for...


Pawhut Small Wooden Bunny Rabbit & Guinea Pig / Chicken Coop w/ Outdoor Run

293.99 287.99

If you are looking to keep rabbits, guniea pigs, chickens or other small animals in your backyard but don’t know where to look to find a high quality habitat at an affordable price, look no further. The Pawhut outdoor rabbit hutch-chicken coop is the perfect product for any pet. This home is set directly on the ground so your pets...