Pet Cage 37" 2 Doors Tray Metal Cat Rabbit House For Animal Supply Kit Black

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This pet cage kit is suitable for small animals, such as rabbits, cat and hamsters. It contains 3 floors and 3 stairs that make it an attractive house for animals to climb and play. 1 water bottle of 250ml capacity and 1 plastic food box are included. 4 universal wheels, added for cage's smooth movement. Durable steel frame ensures long...


Petpals Group Wirehouse Sky Blue 2 Level Cat Cage

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Dimensions 30x22x48" Metal cat cage Color: Sky blue 2 levels More space for cat Modern design This 2 level cat cage features plenty of perches for them, and many appealing features for you. The front and side door provides easy access to both cats and their litter boxes, while the heavy duty design provides stability for your cat to jump...